ETFE Coating

ETFE coatings are a copolymer of Ethylene and TetraFluoroEthylene better known as TEFZEL®. Although not fully fluorinated, ETFE coatings have excellent chemical resistance and can operate at 150°C (300°F). The resins within these coatings are the toughest within the fluoropolymer range and can be applied at film builds up to 1,000 micrometers. ETFE is available in powder form.
TEFZEL® or ETFE coatings are designed to give uniform thick or thin film coatings and are based on a modified ETFE. Changes in physical properties by radiation include reduced elongation while tensile strength remains unchanged. Stiffness is increased and electrical losses are increased. These changes are independent of whether radiation took place in air or nitrogen. In the case of flex life however, a difference exists in that radiation in nitrogen gives a greater flex life than an equal dose in air. This type of coating should be considered for a broad range of applications where you need the benefits of the qualities like high performance thermal, chemical and electrical properties as well as outstanding mechanical toughness.

• Excellent chemical and heat resistance
• Good release properties
• First class cryogenic stability
• Low coefficient of friction
• Excellent electrical insulating properties
• Few substances will adhere to ETFE– tacky substances that do are easily removed
• Both oleophobic and hydrophobic – not readily wetted
• High dielectric strength and low dissipation factor
• Virtually unaffected by UV or weather