GEOMET® Coating

The GEOMET® product range is a standard worldwide reference for industries requiring high performance thin layer anti-corrosion systems. GEOMET® products are completely chrome-free and capable of protecting a wide variety of metallic surfaces. The coatings are well suited for protecting both large and small parts, having either simple or complex geometry. In particular, GEOMET® coatings are a worldwide standard for use on fasteners.
GEOMET® is a proprietary water-based family of products containing metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminium flakes. The zinc and aluminium platelets align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver film. Applied as a liquid, the coating is totally inorganic after thermal curing.
GEOMET® coating systems, which include silicate sealers – black and coloured topcoats – are applied to a variety of components to provide corrosion protection to ferrous metals including powdered metal parts.

Features & Benefits


Does not contain any chromium (no Hexavalent and no Trivalent)

GEOMET® meets the following regulations:

• Free from Toxic Metals like nickel, cadmium, lead, barium, and mercury
• REACH Compliant
• ROHS Compliant with the 2000/53/CE and 2002/95/CE directives
• VOC Compliant under U.S. EPARACT


• Water clean up
• Low odour
• Worker/Eco-friendly


• GEOMET : 8-10 micros
• GEOMET-L : 10-14 microns

Hydrogen Embrittlement Free Process :

Coating application process does not require acid picking or involve electroplating

Bimetallic Corrosion Resistant :

Aluminium flake eliminates the typical bimetallic cell of most zinc coatings when mated with aluminium or steel

Solvent Resistant :

Inorganic nature cause it to be resistant to organic solvents

Heat Resistant :

Maintains corrosion resistance even following a heat shock of 3 hours at 550°F (288°C)

Conductive :

Concentration of metallic flake allows an electrical current to be passed to the substrate

Coefficient of Friction :

0,15 ± 0,03 (ISO 16047)

No topcoat required

No topcoat required

Excellent assembly and multi-tightening behaviour

Excellent assembly and multi-tightening behaviour

Paintable coating

Paintable coating

Good mechanical damage (test method D24 1312, USCAR 32) and chemical (test VDA 621-412) resistance

Good mechanical damage (test method D24 1312, USCAR 32) and chemical (test VDA 621-412) resistance

Application Process
GEOMET®can be applied by Dip-Spin, Spray, Dip-Drain-Spin using bulk or rack

International Standards
EN ISO 10683 – Fasteners: non-electrolytic zinc flake coatings
EN 13858 – non-electrolytic zinc flake coatings on iron and steel parts
ASTM F1136 / F1136 M – Zinc/Aluminium corrosion protective coatings for fasteners

Range of Products

GEOMET® 321: A zinc and aluminium flake coating in an inorganic binder, applied to protect fasteners and many type of metallic parts from corrosion. It is used in many industries. It can be combined with PLUS®, DACROLUB® or GEOKOTE® topcoats to provide a very broad range of friction coefficients. It is the most widely used product in zinc flake technology.
GEOMET® 500: An integrally lubricated, zinc and aluminium flake coating in an inorganic binder, applied to fasteners and many type of metallic parts to protect from corrosion. It is used in many industries.
GEOMET® 720: A zinc and aluminium flake coating in an inorganic binder, developed to meet the requirements of Asian automotive companies.
GEOMET® 360: A zinc and aluminium flake coating in an inorganic binder with higher aluminium content for Brake Rotor applications.
• Cosmetic protection: the brake discs can be seen through the alloy wheels. The aluminium silver colour of GEOMET® 360 integrates perfectly with the style of alloy wheels.
• Braking behaviour: The low thickness of the coating on braking surfaces does not damage the quality of braking during the vehicle first use and enables a temporary protection of brake discs surfaces
• Temperature resistance (400°C): it enables to keep an excellent corrosion resistance on vehicles
• Protection inside the vents: no oxidation inside the fins – better thermal exchange while braking
• For after-market, GEOMET® enables to assemble the brake discs on vehicles without pre-degreasing (dry protection)
• The stronger corrosion protection of GEOMET® on the hub mounting surface makes brake disc dismounting easier
PLUS® Sealers: Inorganic silicate sealer topcoats provide consistent torque tension values and additional corrosion protection. Sealers include P/ML/VL/L/XL in clear, for a silver coloured appearance, as well as pigmented blue, yellow, red and green for identification purposes. Additional features & benefits that PLUS sealers offers:

• Extended bi-metallic protection with Aluminium
• Consistent torque/tension values
• Excellent resistance to solvents, gasoline and brake fluids
• Good temperature resistance
• Available in a variety of colours

GEOBLACK®: Black topcoats are applied over GEOMET® to meet appearance and frictional requirements and include: PLUS® ML BLACK, GEOKOTE® 137 and GEOKOTE® 147
• Uniform black appearance
• Consistent torque/tension values
• Good mar resistance
• No oil topcoat required