Industrial Coatings

Low friction properties you can rely on
There are many uses for our specialist industrial coatings. PTFE coatings are well suited to meet the demands of industry where the following are required:
‣ Load bearing
‣ Dry lubrication
‣ Reduced torque
‣ Anti-corrosion
‣ Non-stick
These attributes help improve your company’s performance and reduce maintenance downtime so you can save money.

How will your business benefit?
Process plant and machinery gain from the low friction, chemical and corrosion characteristics of PTFE industrial coatings. Valves, vessels and heat exchanges show clear advantages when coated with PTFE. And bushes, bearings and rotating/sliding parts all benefit from the anti-galling, abrasion resistance and low friction properties.

Coating Applications
‣ Moulds
‣ Mating parts
‣ Rotating equipment
‣ Level sensors
‣ Hinges
‣ Plugs
‣ Saw blades
‣ Shower equipment
‣ Pistons
‣ Conveyor equipment