Made To Order


Our Partner Company Keys & Clamps ( has added in-house manufacturing capabilities under our belt. We can manufacture precision components, threaded components, pressed components and moulded components in high volume and apply any of coatings in or portfolio as per our customer requirements.
Our flexibility to work with customers worldwide makes us a one stop shop for various manufacturing and corrosion resistant services. Please get in touch with your requirements for a quick, free and competitive quote.

Shot Blasting


The scale, capacity and locality of our facilities ensure we provide a cost effective and efficient shot blasting service. Shot blasting is used to prime and clean surfaces, removing rust, scale or old coatings to expose clean bare metal ready for subsequent treatment. It also provides an effective method of preparing a surface with a roughened profile which promotes the adhesion of the specialist coatings we offer. We are equipped to shot blast using a variety of media including; metal shot or ball, aluminium oxide, silicon granules and glass. These are specified to offer a wide range of surface conditions which optimize the performance of the finished deposit. For larger components and assemblies it can offer substantial speed and cost savings over other conventional cleaning methods.

Key Properties of Shot Blasting

1.Surface Cleaning – De-rusting / De-scale
2.Surface Preparation – Prior to coating

Pre-Coated Fasteners


We keep a huge stock of bolts, nuts and studs including 2H nuts and B7 studs. These fasteners are ready for dispatch worldwide in one day coated either with electroplating, PTFE/XYLAN, DACROMET® or GEOMET®. Sold to fastener distributors only in keg/box or pallet quantities, each B7 stud and 2H nut is tapped oversize for additional assembly ease.