Zinc and Zinc Alloys

Zinc plating offers an economical option for decorative and industrial finishes on metallic substrates. It is possibly second to only Nickel with respect to plating applications. Recent developments have focused on alloy plating of zinc with iron, cobalt etc. to produce exotic finishes with exceptional resistance to corrosion and high durability. Depending upon the practicality of your application, you can choose from a conventional high cyanide zinc plating process to the most modern chloride or other non-cyanide alkaline based processes which are, more recently preferred, for environmental reasons.

Zinc alloy plating involves using Zinc Iron or Zinc Nickel. Our experienced team will consult you on the optimum coating for your application and then expertly plate your material with a high-quality finish. The zinc layer is further enhanced with a range of Trivalent passivates which enhance the corrosion resistance of the plated layer. These are available in a range of colours – clear, yellow, olive drab and black.

Typical Applications for Zinc Alloy Plating
• Brake and Power Steering system pipes and assemblies
• Brake calipers
• Brackets
• Fuel pipes
• Rivets
• Connectors
• Hydraulic components and assemblies
• Machined components
• Fasteners