Zinc Tin Plating

Tin Zinc plating provides an extremely lubricious film with exceptionally good throwing power and exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance. The alloy of Tin and Zinc in the plated layer also provides galvanic corrosion protection of steel substrates when they are in contact with aluminium. The plated film is conductive and offers solderability where required. Tin Zinc Nickel is also incredibly ductile – components can be post formed by crimping and bending after they have been plated. Tin zinc is an ideal replacement for cadmium plating whilst not suffering from the harmful environmental impacts.

Key Properties for Tin Zinc Plating
• Corrosion Protection
• Typical Rack plated component with yellow passivate – 2000+ hours to Red corrosion (neutral salt spray)
• Ductile
• Temperature resistant
• Conductive
• Solderable
• Lubricious