Automotive Coatings

Cutting the cost of corrosion
There are many applications for our specialist automotive coatings. PTFE provides excellent corrosion protection for connectors, clips, springs and fasteners. In addition to its excellent anti-corrosion properties, our coatings for the automotive sector also have many other benefits:

‣ Anti-galling
‣ Noise damping
‣ Extreme temperature resistance
‣ Non-stick
‣ Electrically non-conductive
‣ Non-wetting
‣ Performance of parts are greatly enhanced and contribute to higher efficiency and lower manufacturing costs.
‣ F1 racing is one area that benefits from the properties of PTFE coatings for car parts. Many elastomeric and rubber components are coated for noise reduction, anti- squeak, sealing and ease of movement.

Coating Applications
‣Bushes & bearings
‣Exhaust systems
‣Tyre moulds
‣Seals & O-rings