Pharmaceutical Equipment Coatings

Discover high quality corrosion resistance
Our specialist pharmaceutical equipment coatings are based on high performance melt processable fluoropolymers. PFA, PVDF and ECTFE are all suitable for these applications and can be modified to provide unique properties for customer requirements. Laboratory glassware such as beakers, test tubes and stirrers are frequently coated to prevent cross-contamination. Our coatings are unaffected by most chemicals, offering corrosion resistance in the most demanding of conditions throughout the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Anti-static (static dissipative) and FDA compliant systems are available on request.
Bringing a broad range of benefits to your sector. As well as possessing excellent anti-corrosion properties, our coatings for the pharmaceutical sector deliver the benefits below:
‣ Low porosity
‣Excellent chemical resistance
‣Good abrasion resistance
‣Easier clean-up

Coating Applications

‣Tablet/powder shoots
‣Pipe spools
‣Level sensors
‣Flow meters
‣Heat exchangers
‣Gate valves