Electrical Coatings

Powerful PTFE application for your business
The versatility of PTFE coatings makes them ideal for use in the electrical sector. We pride ourselves on choosing the right coating for each application to ensure your business gets the best result first time, every time.

Electrical coatings benefits at-a-glance
PTFE will deliver a number of benefits once applied to your electrical equipment including:
‣ High dielectric strength
‣ Non-conductive coating
‣ High temperature capability
‣ Low dissipation factor
‣ Very high surface resistivity
‣ Good UV resistance
By using specialist techniques our polymers can be made static dissipative (anti-static), non-conductive or even conductive for specific applications.

Coating Applications
‣ Cable guides
‣ Soldering equipment
‣ Printers
‣ Light fittings
‣ Electrical equipment
‣ Connectors
‣ Bus bars
‣ Solenoids
‣ Domestic appliances