Medical Device Coatings

PTFE approved by the FDA
Coating medical devices can provide superior performance. The inertness of PTFE and some of the other coatings we offer means that they can be used for medical applications. Coated parts for medical equipment can be autoclaved for sterilizing and also provide anti-bacterial surfaces. Our coating systems are FDA approved and can be used where non-stick and easy clean properties are a must.

Coating Applications
‣ Bed components
‣Handles and rails
‣ Hoists
‣ Tablet moulds
‣ Tablet chutes
‣ Mixing vessels
‣ Sterilisation equipment
‣ Utensils
‣ Dental lamps

Automotive Coatings

Cutting the cost of corrosion
There are many applications for our specialist automotive coatings. PTFE provides excellent corrosion protection for connectors, clips, springs and fasteners. In addition to its excellent anti-corrosion properties, our coatings for the automotive sector also have many other benefits:

‣ Anti-galling
‣ Noise damping
‣ Extreme temperature resistance
‣ Non-stick
‣ Electrically non-conductive
‣ Non-wetting
‣ Performance of parts are greatly enhanced and contribute to higher efficiency and lower manufacturing costs.
‣ F1 racing is one area that benefits from the properties of PTFE coatings for car parts. Many elastomeric and rubber components are coated for noise reduction, anti- squeak, sealing and ease of movement.

Coating Applications
‣Bushes & bearings
‣Exhaust systems
‣Tyre moulds
‣Seals & O-rings

Bakeware Coatings

Knowledgeable about non-stick release PTFE

Shiva Co. is a specialist supplier of non-stick coatings for industrial bakeware. All our bakeware coatings comply with FDA regulations governing components of coatings for direct food contact. Customers large and small are treated individually and we guarantee each product is finished to the highest quality, ensuring maximum long life and durability. Furthermore, the cost savings to business in the bakeware industry are considerable.

Oil and grease-free release coatings
For a number of years now the bakery industry has been transformed by the use of food approved non-stick release coatings. Clean and safe non-stick baking has become a reality with substantial advantages over traditional silicon glaze. Our range of coatings includes many standard one-, two- and three-coat PTFE systems as well as the more durable longer life, multi-coat FEP and PFA systems, which are tailored for specific difficult ingredient mixes and baking conditions in plant bakeries, artisan/craft bakeries, in-store supermarket bakeries and cake & confectionery bakers. We are happy to coat samples that can be tested in the process and monitor the results, ensuring that the correct coating choice and recommendations are made.

Let us make the right choice of coating for you
Our specialist knowledge and investment in developing these advanced food approved release coatings enables us to choose the right coating for the job. Our relationship with the customer is paramount as understanding the process and parameters the coated product will be subjected to is the only way to ensure the best and most appropriate coating is offered.

Problem solving
We welcome technical challenges in providing a solution to your non-stick problems. Our understanding of the chemistry of the polymer coatings enables us to develop new applications for specific situations. We are happy to coat samples that can be tested in process and monitor the results.

Bakeware Services and Applications

Product applications for our bakeware coatings
Bread pans, bread straps, bun trays, baguette trays, pizza pans, pizza trays, muffin pans, muffin trays, morning goods trays, crumpet rings, cake tins, cake moulds, pie hoops and tins, specialty food moulds & presses, blades & cutters.

Refurbishment of ancillary bakery equipment
Our bakeware coatings are used on many types of bakery equipment and we also offer a refurbishment and re-coating service for these items. Examples include dough hoppers and chutes, dough rounders, dough moulders and embossing rollers, spreader bars, mixing blades, food moulds & die plates, winkler cups, packaging and heat seal bars.

Design and Manufacturing Service
In addition to our coating and refurbishment service we are able to offer a complete supply solution including either standard or bespoke metalwork. This makes us a complete one-stop-shop for new supply, refurbishment and replacement of all of your non-stick coated bakeware requirements, including pizza pans, muffin trays, strapped bread tins and bun tins.

Benefits of our non-stick coating range

  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reductions
  • Longer life release
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved product appearance
  • Safer and cleaner working environment
  • Reduced fire risk
  • Consistency and reliability of release

Why choose us?

  • Convenient collection
  • Improve the lifespan on your items
  • Fast turnaround and re-delivery
  • Our honest approach

Electrical Coatings

Powerful PTFE application for your business
The versatility of PTFE coatings makes them ideal for use in the electrical sector. We pride ourselves on choosing the right coating for each application to ensure your business gets the best result first time, every time.

Electrical coatings benefits at-a-glance
PTFE will deliver a number of benefits once applied to your electrical equipment including:
‣ High dielectric strength
‣ Non-conductive coating
‣ High temperature capability
‣ Low dissipation factor
‣ Very high surface resistivity
‣ Good UV resistance
By using specialist techniques our polymers can be made static dissipative (anti-static), non-conductive or even conductive for specific applications.

Coating Applications
‣ Cable guides
‣ Soldering equipment
‣ Printers
‣ Light fittings
‣ Electrical equipment
‣ Connectors
‣ Bus bars
‣ Solenoids
‣ Domestic appliances